Samuel Maurice Davis

Samuel Maurice Davis, aka “Samuel Tallaban Red Davis“, was arrested by Charleston police for burglary. As you can see from the records below, Judge Linda “10K” Lombard was up to her old tricks and set her standard bullshit bush bond of $10,000 on each charge.

It isn’t like Davis has no violent criminal history which would justify a higher bond. In 2008 he was charged with Strong Arm Robbery. Three months after the arrest, and after Davis was indicted, the 9th Circuit Solicitor dropped the charge to simple assault. Davis pled guilty and was sentenced to thirty days.

In January of 2009 Davis was charged with PWID Cocaine Base (crack) and PWID Proximity of a School. Both charges were dismissed a month later with the notation “lack of prosecution”. That short time frame from arrest to dismissal would imply Davis turned rat to get the charges dropped.

In April of 2001 Davis was charged with 2nd Offense Criminal domestic Violence and 2nd Offense Possession of Marijuana. He was released by Judge Gosnell on two $10,000 personal recognizance bonds. Isn’t that interesting? We wonder if these latest charges will lead to the revocation of that P.R. bond. Somehow, we doubt it.

Davis associates himself with the street gang known as the Bloods as evidenced by his nickname and the rag on his head in the photo below. He hails from Sal Lane, which is in the Midland Park area of North Charleston.

Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • pleasedontbreed

    The thing that I love the most about all these wastes of an egg is that they truly believe that God approves of their lifestyle. Its either that or they believe that they can repent before their last dying breath. I know that the Bible says that only God can judge, but I never read that Jesus sold drugs, fathered illegitimate kids or defied authority. I guess in their heads, if they believe, then that is enough. They can live and hurt anyone they please and it will be acceptable because they believe. Well I believe in arranging the meeting to see if his ideals are right if he ever tries to burglarize my home!

  • 19acf86a-3bae-11e1-b9bc-000bcdcb5194

    The thing I love is his Political Views: “They need to quit playin wit my money”. Please. I’m sure he was raised on our money and I don’t think he pays taxes on his drug deals. He has cost the government (us) far more than he will ever contribute. Loser.

  • Droid noone

    racist comments. how do you know he has illegitimate kids?

  • Droid noone

    racist comments. how do you know he has illegitimate kids? you do not have access to those records.

  • Droid noone

    you’re too afraid to put personal information in your profiles, for fear that someone will know who you are.