Month – May 2012

Samuel Maurice Davis

Samuel Maurice Davis, aka “Samuel Tallaban Red Davis“, was arrested by Charleston police for burglary. As you can see from the records below, Judge Linda “10K” Lombard was up to her old tricks and set her standard bullshit bush bond of $10,000 on each charge. It isn’t like Davis has no violent criminal history which […]

Bobby Eugene Warthaw, Jr.

We were over at WCSC’s site reading about Bobby Eugene Warthaw, Jr. being wanted for criminal domestic violence. It seems he knocked over a two year old child while beating up on his pregnant baby momma. We couldn’t help but notice the comments there about what a nice guy Warthaw is. Why don’t we look […]

Kyle Edward Owens – West Ashley

Kyle Edward Owens has been arrested by the Charleston Police Department and charged dissemination of obscene material to a person under 18 and exposure of private parts in a lewd and lascivious manner. Judge Lombard set a bond of $25,000 on each charge. We believe Owens has two Facebook pages, here  and  here. Owens has […]

Blog Stars (re)Arrested

Does anyone remember the Dickerson brothers from South Street who we profiled very early on in the Charleston Thug Life saga? Yeah, well, their taxpayer funded apartment was raided again. CPD indicates the investigation was based on information received from concerned citizens. Way to go, citizens! Don’t let these maggot thugs have control of your […]

We Love a Good Laugh

We like to check out which sites on the internet are sending traffic to Charleston Thug Life. We found this on Reddit and couldn’t help but laugh at the indignation about their right to be free from “self-incrimination”. Hahahaha!  Whoooboy! Good one.

Myrtle Beach Homicide

Charleston Thug Life was started on 31 March, 2012. Since that day we have profiled various thugs. Some we found on social media and others were revealed in news articles. While surfing around the internet in search of new blog stars we stumbled across a story about a murder that occurred on 6 March, 2012 […]

In Honor of The Men & Women Who Gave Everything

Memorial Day is set aside to honor those members of our Armed Forces who made the ultimate sacrifice to guarantee the freedoms set aside in the U.S. Constitution were and are maintained as the Founder’s set forth. This day of memory and honor is often confused with Veteran’s Day. The two holidays are distinctly different. […]

Nice Job, NCPD

A reader sent us an e-mail and wanted us to pass on a “Job Well Done” to North Charleston’s Finest. It seems the reader was shopping at a Food Lion on Ashley Phosphate Road when a white thug ran in, followed shortly thereafter by several NCPD officers. Said thug was trying to hide from the […]

Ghetto Lottery?

According to reports and court records in Beaufort County, Jonas Armstrong is suing just about every governmental agency in Beaufort County and Port Royal. Port Royal firefighters were on a call in February when Kalvin Hunt fled from the Navy hospital there and stole the firetruck. Armstrong was involved in a collision with the firetruck, […]

Kiron Jenkins Update

We received news from a reader early this morning that a second suspect, and possibly the actual shooter of Kiron Jenkins, has been arrested. He was identified to us Brandon Jerell Singleton. The information we received indicated he is currently incarcerated at the Hill-Finklea Detention Center in Berkeley County. We have not been able to […]

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