Month – April 2012

Brandon Michael Chavis – Rogers State Prison

You might remember the fellow with the distinctive photo of the marijuana leaf in the Benjamin Revills entry below. He goes by the name of “Parkway Red” on Facebook, but his real name is Brandon Michael Chavis. He is doing time at Rogers State Prison on convictions for criminal damage, burglary and possession of a […]

Benjamin Josh Revills – Rogers State Prison

Happy Monday to “Lilben Revills“, real name Benjamin Josh Revills. Ben and his cell phone are guests of the Georgia taxpayer at Rogers State Prison. He is serving time on eight burglary convictions. We find it interesting that Revills was given a total of 125 years, but because he is serving his sentences concurrently he […]

News Media Strikes

Glenn Smith of the Post & Courier has produced a couple of articles on the contraband problem in South Carolina prisons. Story 1; ┬áStory 2 We have all seen the evidence of the problem on the pages of Charleston Thug Life. The stunner for us was the $24,000 starting salary for corrections officers. Seriously? Wow! […]

Calling it a Night

It certainly has been a productive day. We are shutting down for the night and we still have a BUNCH of Georgia inmates with cell phones waiting to be profiled here on Charleston Thug Life. Don’t worry fellows, we will get to you in due time.

Audwin Cantrell Jones, Jr. – Hancock State Prison

Say hello to “Audwin Jones“. He currently resides at Hancock State Prison. We are pretty sure that cell phone makes serving his twenty years for those four aggravated assault convictions and the robbery and burglary sentences that much easier. Here is what Audwin looked like prior to going to prison. Nice to see he still […]

The Price Brothers – Georgia Prisons

We found “Kovarious Price” first. He is incarcerated somewhere in Georgia, but we can’t tell where. A search of the Georgia Department of Corrections site doesn’t turn up anyone named Kovarious. We did turn up a Tea Jay Price who looks very similiar to Kovarious, but postings seem to indicate that Tea Jay is the […]

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